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Black Tea


‘Two leaves and a bud’ – this special rule also applies to our Altinbaş tea, where only the bud and two youngest leaves of the tea bush are used. Altinbaş tea has a distinctive taste, and both its aroma and flavour unfold as soon as you start preparing it. Enjoy Altinbaş tea with friends or at any other occasion. Available in Turkish supermarkets in 200 g and 500 g packs.


Tiryaki means passion in Turkish, and that is exactly what this tea has in abundance. Its high quality, special flavour and unrivalled aroma are what make this tea unique. Free of additives and pesticides, it encapsulates typical Turkish hospitality and love of tea the whole day long. Available in sizes 500 g, 1000 g, 2000 g and 5000 g.


One of our most popular teas: the Filiz Çay. Only the most delicate, youngest leaves from the tea plant are selected and carefully processed for use in this tea. It contains no additives and is a treat for any occasion. Even after an evening meal, the digestibility of this tea means that it is easy to enjoy and will give tea drinkers a feel-good factor in accordance with the motto ‘where there is tea, there is joy’. Available in Turkish supermarkets in 200 g, 500 g and 1000 g packs.


The light taste, distinctive aroma and its clear colour makes Çayçıçeğı a special type of tea. Tea drinkers who are looking for something unique will love this blend. This natural tea without additives contains one-fifth leaf buds and is the ideal tea for a lovely afternoon with friends or at home. Available in Turkish supermarkets in 200 g and 500 g packs.

Rize Turist

The Rize Turist Çay – the most consumed Çaykur tea. Rize Turist Çay has been part of every Turkish family for decades and has been the best known and most popular of all tea types for generations. High-quality but affordable, Rize Turist tea is available in Turkish supermarkets in 100 g, 200 g, 500 g, 1000 g and 2000 g packs.


The unique breakfast tea. With a subtle aroma and delicate taste, Kamelya tea is particularly well suited to individual tea blends. Available in 100 g, 500 g and 1000 g packs.


A unique tea for all those looking for a special flavour. The natural bergamot aroma and subtle tea buds give Tomurcuk tea its unforgettable smell and taste. Available in a traditional 125 g tin and round 200 g tin.


Siyah Süzen Poşet Çay (black tea in teabags)

These teabags are ideal for those who do not have the means to brew tea in the traditional way. Made from fine, rolled and crushed buds, this tea can be prepared quickly but still has a full-bodied taste and aroma. The perfect solution for those in a hurry. Available in a 50 g pack with 25 teabags or as 200 g pack with 100 teabags.

Organic Tea

Hemşın organic tea

Hemşın organic tea is grown in the Hemşın district of Rize province in a special organic cultivation area that eschews the use of chemicals or pesticides. This excellent tea without additives is particularly prized by tea lovers who place importance on environmental protection and eating healthily. Available in a traditional 400 g tin.

Rize organic tea

From seedling to harvest, each step that Rize organic tea undergoes is certified. Grown without chemicals, this superb tea without additives is always enjoyed by tea lovers. Available in a traditional 500 g tin.


Zümrüt organic tea

Each step of the natural Zümrüt organic tea is certified, from cultivation to harvest. The green rolled leaves of this unique tea are rich in antioxidants and unfold during preparation, promising a full-bodied aroma and wonderful taste. Available in a 200 g round tin.


Organik Siyah Süzen Poşet Çay (black organic tea in teabags)

For people in a hurry who simply don’t have the time to brew tea, these organic teabags are the perfect solution. Made from 100% buds and youngest leaves, this superb tea is an enjoyment and feel-good treat on a hectic day. Available in 50 g packs comprising 25 teabags.

Green Tea

Yaprak Yeşil Çay (green leaf tea)

Aus den Teegärten an der Schwarzmeerküste stammt dieser von Hand gepflückte Tee. Die großen Blätter dieser Teemischung öffnen sich beim Aufbrühen und verlocken zu einem einzigartigen Teegenuss. Wohltuend und gesund ist dieser an Antioxidantien reichhaltige grüne Tee. Für alle, die Wert legen auf Gesundheit und Genuss. In den Sorten “Natur” oder “Pfefferminz” erhältlich in der runden 200 g Dose.


Burcum green tea

The large leaves of this tea blend unfold during brewing for a full-bodied aroma. Rich in antioxidants, the Burcum tea is exactly the right thing for those who place importance on their health but do not want to do without taste and enjoyment. Available in a 100 g tin.


Yeşil Süzen Poşet Çaylar (green tea in teabags)

This green tea in teabags is available in the flavours natural, lemon, apple, peppermint and balm