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Black tea: Turkey’s national drink

Too much black tea causes heart palpitations and dehydrates the body – a myth the Turks simply laugh about. The Turkish people are living proof that daily enjoyment of black tea makes you happy, full of joy and hospitable. The popular çay is so deeply ingrained in Turkish culture that you couldn’t get rid of it if you tried. 

Green tea: for health and beauty

Green tea is gaining in popularity every day – both in Turkey and in other countries. Its positive influence on health is already proven, but just what is it that makes this green hot drink so healthy? The magic ingredient is antioxidants – a chemical compound that prevents unwanted oxidation of other substances. The result is obvious: the ageing process is slowed down, illnesses such as breast cancer or the risk of heart attack are prevented.

‘Organik’ organic tea: paving the way for the future.

In our fast-paced modern world, we often long for normality and naturalness. People are increasingly asking where products come from, how they have been processed and whether they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. So it’s great that Çaykur and its high-quality organic teas can answer all these questions with a smile.