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Tradition is what makes us special.

The region on the eastern edge of the Black Sea offers the ideal conditions for tea cultivation in terms of geography and climate. A benefit that should be exploited to the full. Find out more

Rising from Rize.

Whether black, green or organic – tea is more than just a drink for people in Rize. Their livelihood depends on it. It is their past, present and future. Find out more

Tea. Turkey. Tradition.

1947 – The first tea factory goes into operation in Rize. Today, over 200,000 independent tea producers supply the Çaykur factories in Rize and the surrounding region. Find out more

Tea from Rize – unique worldwide

Rize has lived and breathed tea for over 60 years. In the largest cultivation area in Turkey, every second person of the approximately 350,000 residents works in the tea industry. In craggy valleys, in picturesque mountain glens and on lush, green slopes, they grow, harvest and process the healthiest tea in the world. Four Çaykur employees explain what tea growing means to them – and how they live and breathe their love of tea.
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Snow: biological protection against pests.

Snowflakes settle on the green tea plants. They envelop them in winter and protect them against pests, insect attacks and tea-specific diseases. The eastern Black Sea coast offers the ideal climatic conditions for tea growing. The rainy summer does the rest, producing tea plants at the foot of the Kaçkar mountains that are of a quality not found anywhere else in the world.
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